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Community Partners is an ecosystem driven venture capital (VC) advisory group & executive development association of progressive and forward-thinking leaders of the future.  Together we are pushing the curve and shaping the way we look and think about business.  We do this by developing deep relationships within communities that result in more profitable long-term ventures, hence the name Community Partners. 

Moreover,  Community Partners has the vision of being the household name for sustainable ecosystems | a global hub for infrastructure development platforms of tomorrow. In order to “cross the chasm,” as Geoffrey A. Moore defines, there are steps that need to be taken.  Community Partners is that stairway to reach our unique destinations.

Community Partners Accelerator

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Online Resources | EJournal

Catalog of helpful interviews, articles, tools, and member resources to develop executives and sustainable economies.

Ecosystems | Projects

Developing sustainable engines that drive economic activity.  Recent studies have shown that increases in innovation has been the main input fueling GDP.

Education | Certifications

Mentors are rudimentary towards the establishment and the preservation of generational wealth and the process of properly transferring key values needed to create | grow wealth and build legacy.

Get Involved | Members

Gain Access to additional invite only content, data reports and exclusive resources.  Participate in live conferences, directory access, warm connections, and capital development | networks.